Cfa: AI and communication practices

Call for abstracts – MedieKultur Special Issue

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only shaping contemporary communication processes but is actively contributing to and participating in them. Customer service chatbots communicate with us, prediction and surveillance models communicate about us, and content generators communicate instead of us. AI is, in other words, influencing how communication happens, and ultimately what it means to communicate. AI is, however, not developed, adopted, and employed in isolation. Rather, how media, researchers, citizens, vendors, data scientists, etc. understand, envision, and communicate about AI is key to how AI develops, what models are constructed, and the way they take part in processes of communication (Bailey & Barley, 2020).

Theme editors: Ib T. Gulbrandsen (Associate Professor, Roskilde University), Martina S Mahnke (Associate Professor, Roskilde University), Emma Christensen (Postdoc, Roskilde University), Julie Vulpius (Postdoc, Roskilde University), and Simon Karlin (PhD Fellow, Roskilde University)

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