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2024 Conference Abstracts

# User Name User Email Affiliation Abstract Title Download
1 Afroditi Koulaxi LSE100 Fellow - London School of Economics and Political Science Citizen-refugeeness: internal displacement and digital order in Greece's Storm Daniel Koulaxi_SMiD-2024-Media-and-sustainability-Crises-paradoxes-and-potentials.docx
2 Anders Horsbøl Aalborg University Flying Green abstract-Flying-Green-SMID-May-2023.pdf
3 Ane Gammelby not uploaded
4 Anette Grønning University of Southern Denmark Media practices and sustainable communication SMID_abstract-2024_AG_MPH.pdf
5 Anna Pacholczyk Managing Editor NordMedia Network not uploaded
6 Barbara Ridgway not uploaded
7 Cecilia Arregui Olivera Aarhus University Unpacking inequality in foreign news production: News media capitals and the role of place ARREGUI-OLIVERA_Unpacking-inequality-in-foreign-news-production.pdf
8 Daniel Lundgaard Copenhagen Business School Fear and loathing of sustainability communication on social media. A study of corporate understandings of communicating about sustainability on social media co-authored with Julie Uldam and Lukas Bogner Lundgaard_Sustainability-communication-on-social-media.pdf
9 Dennis Puorideme SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies Media Coalition Against ‘Galamsey’ (MCAG) discourse and the politics of sustainable gold mining in Ghana Abstract-1.docx
10 Ea Christina Valentin Willumsen not uploaded
11 Elisabetta Petrucci Roskilde University The Epistemological Capture of Climate Journalism Petrucci_Epistemological-Capture.pdf
12 Elizabeth Oriel Aarhus University Polyphony as experimental journalism to access other animals’ voices Oriel_Polyphony.docx
13 Emily Cousins not uploaded
14 Eva Myrczik not uploaded
15 Fabian Holt not uploaded
16 Gitte Stald not uploaded
17 Henrik Bødker Aarhus University, Denmark not uploaded
18 Iben Bredahl Jessen Aalborg University Negotiating (plant-based) milk in the media: discourses of sustainability, health, and lifestyle (co-authored with Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager, Mette Marie Roslyng and Lars Pynt Andersen) Jessen_Negotiating-plant-based-milk-in-the-media.pdf
19 Irene Blum not uploaded
20 Jesper Tække Associate Professor, PhD School of Communication and Culture Department of Media and Journalism Studies Centre for Internet Research Aarhus University From Media Evolution to the Anthropocene: Unpacking Socio-technical Autopoiesis Taekke_Digital-Sustainability.pdf
21 Jochen Karl Kinast Københavns Universitet The Impact of Mass Media in Times of Skill Shortage Crises SMiD_KinastRiisDrieselLange.pdf
22 Julie Uldam not uploaded
23 Julie Mejse Münter Lassen Aarhus University A sustainable digital transition Lassen_A-sustainable-digital-transition.pdf
24 Kim Schrøder Roskilde University Public Service Media as ‘keystone’ news media across challenged media ecologies: a four-country comparative analysis of the role of PSM for news audiences Schroder-et-al.-Public-service-news-audiences.docx
25 Klaus Bruhn Jensen University of Copenhagen Encoding and Decoding in the Human-Environment Discourse Jensen_EnvironmentDecoding.docx
26 Lars Pynt Andersen not uploaded
27 Lene Heiselberg not uploaded
28 Liliana Andrei EIP, CAMBIAMO, IHS How public authorities engage with end-users in addressing climate change policies "l. Andrei, F. Di Ciommo, M. Alonso Raposo, E. Griessler" LCristea_How-public-authorities-engage-with-end-users-in-addressing-climate-change-policies-abstract.docx
29 Line Weldingh Roskilde University “Boring but Important”: How climate journalism is caught between commercial and normative news media logic Weldingh_boring-but-important.pdf
30 Maja Klausen not uploaded
31 María Alonso Raposo cambiaMO | changing MObility Climate Assemblies to engage citizens in political decision-making, coauthored with: María Alonso Raposo (, Floridea Di Ciommo (, Erich Griessler (, Lucia Cristea ( DiCiommo_Climate-Assemblies-to-engage-citizens-in-political-decision-making.pdf
32 Martina S Mahnke Roskilde University Digital Sustainability – A blind spot in the fintech industry? (co-authored with Pernille Hohen) Mahnke_Digital-Sustainability1.docx
33 Meri Frig University of Helsinki, Centre for Consumer Society Research Frig_Pathways towards resource-wise digital media Abstract-to-SMiD-2024-Themed-Call.pdf
34 Mette Marie Roslyng not uploaded
35 Mikkel Fugl Eskjaer not uploaded
36 Monika Mačiulienė not uploaded
37 Morten Ploug Henriksen SDU, Denmark not uploaded
38 Nathali Pilegaard not uploaded
39 Pernille Almlund Roskilde University Presentation of the climate science through the concept of ‘evidence’ in media Pernille-ALmlund_Climate-evidence-in-media.docx
40 Pernille Hohnen Roskilde University Digital Sustainability (co-authored with Martina Mahnke) Mahnke_Digital-Sustainability-1.docx
41 Peter Vistisen not uploaded
42 Rana Nur Ulker Marmara University A Study on Minimalism and its Cultural Reflections in the Context of the Climate Crisis: Evaluating the Turkisi Minimalizm Instagram User Ulker_Minimalism-and-Cultural-reflections.doc
43 Salla-Maaria Laaksonen not uploaded
44 Sandra Simonsen not uploaded
45 Sara Mosberg Iversen not uploaded
46 Solveig Hagensen not uploaded
47 Steffen Moestrup not uploaded
48 Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager Aalborg University Jessen Negitiating (plant-based) milk Jessen-Negotiating-plant-based-milk.pdf
49 Susana Tosca SDU The Activist Media Researcher? activist_media_researcher_workshop.pdf
50 Tem Frank Andersen Department of Communication and Psychology/Aalborg University Climate, Chaos, and Comics: Comic book as medium for creating climate awareness and discourse ClimateChaosComic.pdf
51 Thomas Enemark Lundtofte not uploaded
52 Yasamin Molana not uploaded